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Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs History

Anna’s Kitchen’s mission is to provide organic and clean ingredients for healthy living.

After tasting and experimenting with flavors in her own home kitchen, Anna joined an incubator program with Hope & Main in Warren, Rhode Island. It was there that Anna’s Kitchen was born. Armed with five delicious flavors, Anna’s Kitchen produced their first batch of shrubs in 2018. Today, Anna’s Kitchen Shrub has taken home 17 awards and has been featured in numerous magazines including Food & Beverage Magazine and Bar Business Magazine. Anna’s Kitchen offers a healthy and clean drink mix that can be used in cocktails, craft sodas, or you can have fun with then in the kitchen and feel really good about what you’re eating.

Anna started experimenting with various flavors of shrubs in her own kitchen.

Fall 2017

Anna entered the food incubator program with Hope & Main located in Warren, Rhode Island.

November 2017

Anna’s Kitchen, LLC was officially created.

January 2018

The first batch of Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs were avilable for sale and completely sold out in two weeks.

May 2018

Sid Wainer & Son picked up it’s first large batch of shrubs to sell to restaurants, bars and markets across the country.

May 2018

Anna’s Kitchen became certified organic and started production in a manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

August 2018

Anna’s Kitchen Shrub was voted “Best In Show” at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas by Food & Beverage Magazine.

March 2019

Anna’s Kitchen attended the Internationl Sprirts Competition and won 7 International SIP Awards including the Innovation Award, silver metal for series bottle design, and two platinum medals, one double gold medal, one gold medal, and a bronze medal.

May 2019

Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs attended the PR%F Awards and received 2 century awards, 2 gold awards for taste, a silver award for taste, and the PR%F award for design distinction for bottle design.

June 2019

Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs were featured in the June issue of Food & Beverage Magazine.

June 2019

Anna was a special cocktail judge at the SLING Cocktail Competition and Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs were featured in many of the prepared cocktails.

July 2019

Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs were featured in the August issue of Bar Business Magazine.

August 2019

Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs are available nationwide in bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and grocery stores.



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