Shrub Flavors

Organic Shrubs


Anna’s Kitchen offers 5 flavors, made with all organic ingredients.The unique big bold flavor combinations craft bartenders will enjoy, and health-conscious consumers will crave. The shrubs are handcrafted in small batches and made in Rhode Island 

Shrubs are typically used as Cocktail Mixers but be creative, Try shrubs in Mocktails, Craft Sodas, Salad Dressings, and Marinades

Peach Jalapeno


Fresh picked peaches and spicy jalapeno peppers combine for an unexpected perfectly balanced flavor with just the right amount of heat, and you can enjoy it all year round. 

Be inspired with tequila, sweet tea, barbecue, and salsa. 

Offered in 500ml (16.7oz) and 2oz sampler.

Strawberry Lemon Thyme


Fated to pair well together. The lemon brings out the fresh flavor of the strawberries. Add in thyme and you are treated to a well-balanced flavor that is everything you love about summer. 

Pairs perfectly with sparking white wine, spritzers, summer salads, and sherbets. 

Offered in 500ml (16.7oz) and 2oz sampler.

Cranberry Mint


Local Massachusetts cranberries harvested in autumn are used to create this big bold flavor. The full bodied tangy cranberries get a fresh makeover with the addition of cooling mint. This beautifully colored festive drink has something to please all ages. 

Be creative with Martinis, Juleps, Mojitos, Moctails, and Craft Sodas. 

Offered in 500ml (16.7oz) and 2oz sampler.

Apple Cider Ginger


The spicy warm flavor of the fresh ginger pairs perfectly with the apple cider to create the ultimate “feel all warm inside” flavor. 

Combine with bourbon, ginger ale, ginger beer, root vegetables, and all things fall. 

Offered in 500ml (16.7oz) and 2oz sampler.

Banana Turmeric


The balance between the sweet bananas and the warm turmeric creates a healthy robust flavor. The natural vibrant orange color of the turmeric brings life to any recipe. 

Think all things Caribbean: sunshine, frozen tropical drinks, rum, and marinades 

Offered in 500ml (16.7oz) and 2oz sampler.