Origin of Shrubs

Straight from the history books comes a classic and timeless drink mix concentrate, called a Shrub.

Before refrigeration the colonials stored their fruit in barrels of vinegar. The vinegar acted as a natural preservative and the outcome was a dynamic fruit flavored vinegar that was refreshing and vibrant. They would then mix the fruit flavored vinegar with spirits, and believed  the drink would increase energy, improve tolerance to hot weather and improve digestion. The popularity of Shrubs faded with  the arrival of refrigeration. However, in recent years the drink has been rediscovered. Hearing about it peaked my interest, and I began experimenting combining various fruit flavors with more savory herbs and spices. 

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Sometimes what is old is just Right

Today, Anna’s Kitchen offers five of those flavors, made from all organic ingredients and raw apple cider vinegar with the mother. Craft bartenders will enjoy, and health-conscious consumers will crave the unique big bold flavor combinations. The shrubs are handcrafted in small batches and made in Rhode Island. 

I am passionate about quality. My shrubs are made with organic raw apple cider vinegar with the mother and the most flavorful organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. The result is a complex and dynamic flavor that you will find refreshing, vibrant, and interesting. 

Be sure to try them all.

Offered in 16.7 oz. bottles in five flavors: 

     Banana Turmeric

     Cranberry Mint 

     Apple Cider Ginger 

     Peach Jalapeño 

     Strawberry Lemon Thyme