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Beverage Inspirations

Shrubs Behind the Bar

Give those classic cocktails a creative makeover by using shrubs.

Part of a bartender’s job is to come up with creative and innvative drinks that no one has ever seen before, while staying up-to-date on the latest cocktail and health trends. Customers today are more health concsious and want to enjoy a cocktail without the added calories and next-day hangovers. That’s where shrubs come in.

Kick up those traditional and ordinary cocktails with our five bold flavors of shrub. Martinis, margaritas, mimosas, and more. The possbilities to mix and match are endless. Plus, our shrubs are 100% organic so your customers will feel good, even after drinking.

With a surgence of sober-curious and low ABV movements, it’s not just about the spirits anymore. Shrubs give you the opportunity to experiment with mocktails to create extraordinary flavor without the added alcohol.

Don’t be afraid to get inside the kitchen too. Work alongside your chef to create delectable food and drink pairings that customers will love.

Want to start experimenting on your own with shrubs? Find them at any of these retail or liquor stores. Or become a wholesaler today to get them into your own bar!


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Looking to incorporate shrubs into all your drinks and dishes? Check out all our recipes for inspiration.


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