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In The Kitchen

Creating with Shrubs at Home

With its variety of uses, shrubs can liven up your favorite drinks and dishes.

Being creative in the kitchen doesn’t just have to be for restuarant chefs. With shrubs, experiment with unique flavors and ingredients to create new and innovative dishes that your friends and family will love.

From daily dinners to dinner parties, big birthday bashes and quaint holiday gatherings, jazz up any recipe in a pinch with any of our five flavors of shrub. Made from 100% organic ingredients, our shrubs will not only make your food and beverages taste great, but you’ll feel good about what you’re eating and drinking.

Shrubs make cooking fun. No need to run to the store for all those ingredients because they’re already jam-packed into each of our bottles and with the dyanimc and bold flavors, your dishes will quickly become the talk of the town. After just one bite, everyone will be asking for your secret recipe and inviting you to their next party.

And for the occasional cocktail drinker, incorporate our shrubs for a healthy and fun alternative to those sugary soda or juice mixers. Did we mention that shrubs are kid-friendly too? Add shrubs to selzter water to give your kid a bubbly, yet healthy daily beverage.

Want to begin experimenting with shrubs in your own home? Find our shrubs at any of these local retail and liquor stores, or shop online now!


Find Recipes

Looking to incorporate shrubs into all your drinks and dishes? Check out all our recipes for inspiration.


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