Hot New Mocktail & Cocktail Trends for 2020 – Anna's Kitchen Shrubs

Hot New Mocktail & Cocktail Trends for 2020

Mocktail and Cocktail Trends

Hot New Mocktail & Cocktail Trends for 2020

Drink trends come and go, so it’s important to update your menu often – especially at the start of a new year! This is the perfect time to try something new and put your best foot forward in 2020.

Keep your customers coming back for more by following these hot, new drink trends. Hint: shrubs are going to be an even bigger hit this year!

Zero-Proof Cocktails – Yes, Zero!

Towards the end of 2019, we discussed the rising popularity of low-ABV drinks and mocktails – remember Sober September? As it turns out, many are carrying that habit of drinking less into 2020 by choosing to detox in January; after all, a common New Year’s Resolution is to be healthier, as Fortune reports that 1 in 5 people took part in “Dry January” last year.

But good news: this doesn’t mean fewer customers at your bar, especially if you have a zero-proof cocktail menu. Shrubs are the perfect ingredient for a drink that packs flavor and dynamic taste, even without the alcohol. Plus, Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs are 100% organic and made with apple cider vinegar with the mother, making it both tasty and healthy! Check out some great shrub mocktail ideas here.

Low-Sugar and Low-Calorie?

It seems like a combination too good to be true. People are becoming more health-conscious in their drinking habits, so the typical drinks that combine liquor with soda or juice – think vodka cranberry and whiskey soda – are falling to the wayside in favor of healthier alternatives.

Meet the demands of your health-conscious customers by including shrub cocktails in your menu. Our shrubs are less than 60 calories per serving, which is a far cry from the 150 calories found in a serving of soda. Calorie count aside, the apple cider vinegar with the mother found in our shrubs is known to have significant health benefits – with reduced cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels just to name a few.

Go Au-Naturel with Flavor

In the not-so-distant past, popular flavors of drink tended to be on the sweeter side. Candy flavors like caramel, chocolate, and vanilla have become less desirable recently in favor of more natural flavors. You’ll see more and more fruit-based drinks cropping up in 2020, like strawberry and lemon, as well as natural flavors like turmeric and ginger. These flavors taste less sweet than juice and soda, without giving up that bold flavor so highly sought by cocktail-lovers.

On the whole, it seems that 2020 will be the year of drinking healthier – whether that be giving up alcohol entirely or searching for a cocktail that tastes great and is actually good for you. Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs can give your customers all this and more. Check out our five tasty flavors of shrub here!

Handcrafted by Anna Scott in her own kitchen and manufactured locally in Rhode Island, Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs are made with certified organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and raw apple cider vinegar with the mother. Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs are offered in 5 unique, award-winning flavors and can be added to your cocktails, mocktails, salad dressings, marinades, sauces, or can simply act as a refreshing drinking vinegar.

Anna’s Kitchen LLC. is a privately held company operating out of Barrington, RI with widespread distribution capabilities for businesses and consumers through direct online ordering, at various grocery and liquor stores, or by partnering with purveyors.


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