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Winter Shrub Cocktails and Mocktails

Winter Shrub Cocktails and Mocktails

The holidays are over, and 2020 has begun. But there’s still that same chill in the air, minus the warmth of holiday cheer. Put some heat on those bones with these winter-inspired cocktails and mocktails. And with our shrubs as a main ingredient, you won’t have to break your New Year’s Resolution to be healthier!

Shrub Old Fashioned

This Old Fashioned is perfect for chasing away that wintery chill, with a shrubby twist. Simply combine 3 oz. Apple Cider Ginger Shrub with 2 oz. of your favorite bourbon, plus a thin slice of orange. Put away the ice cubes: you can serve this drink warm with a pat of butter on top.

ACG Soother

Shrubs are just as tasty without alcohol! Try our toasty AGC Soother on a cold Sunday afternoon, curled up under a blanket or in front of the fireplace. Heat up 4 oz. of our Apple Cider Ginger Shrub and mix in honey to taste, with a wedge of lemon or slice of apple. If this shrub-filled drink is a little too potent for you, add some hot water to tone it down.

Strawberry Smash

Strawberry tends to remind us of summer, but with the right amount of bourbon, sipping this drink during wintertime is just smashing! In a cocktail shaker, combine a quartered strawberry with equal parts Strawberry Lemon Thyme Shrub and bourbon. Shake well and strain into an icy glass, then top things off with a splash of club soda, thyme sprig, and another strawberry.

Cosmo Shrubtini

Still dreaming of that Thanksgiving cranberry sauce? Our Cranberry Mint Shrub is here to save the day with this tasty martini recipe. Combine equal parts shrub and vodka in a shaker bottle, along with some freshly squeezed lime; shake well and serve in a martini glass. This Cosmo Shrubtini will definitely help with those post-holiday blues!

Strawberry Shrub Tea

We’ve got another piping hot drink for you to try – and this one packs a strawberry nice punch of flavor. Simmer some water and add a black teabag, letting it steep for 3 – 5 minutes. Mix in the Strawberry Lemon Thyme Shrub to your liking and sip away!

Feeling thirsty after reading about these tasty winter drinks? Head over to our Online Shop to get your very own shrubs, or click here to find them at a retailer near you. The holiday season may be over, but you can drink shrubs and be merry all winter long!

Handcrafted by Anna Scott in her own kitchen and manufactured locally in Rhode Island, Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs are made with certified organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and raw apple cider vinegar with the mother. Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs are offered in 5 unique, award-winning flavors and can be added to your cocktails, mocktails, salad dressings, marinades, sauces, or can simply act as a refreshing drinking vinegar.

Anna’s Kitchen LLC. is a privately held company operating out of Barrington, RI with widespread distribution capabilities for businesses and consumers through direct online ordering, at various grocery and liquor stores, or by partnering with purveyors.


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