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“Valentine’s Gin Fizz” in Sensi Magazine

“Valentine’s Gin Fizz” in Sensi Magazine

Written by Debbie Hall. Check out the original article here: https://www.sensimag.com/lasvegas/cocktails-to-keep-your-love-warm-this-february/

“Need a little romance for Valentine’s Day? Spectacular recipes from The Original Brand Co. in Las Vegas showcase some of the hottest new spirits, mixers, and gin. Yes, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for the crisp taste of gin.

A specialty drink trending in New Orleans in the midcentury, the fizz first appeared on bar tops in 1876 and grabbed America’s attention starting in the 1900s. Bartenders would put on a show shaking the popular drink. In 1950, the fizz was included in a French cookbook, bringing it international recognition. Enjoy.”

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