In the Kitchen and Behind the Bar: How Do I Use Shrubs? – Anna's Kitchen Shrubs

In the Kitchen and Behind the Bar: How Do I Use Shrubs?

In the Kitchen and Behind the Bar: How Do I Use Shrubs?

If you’re a professional in the food industry, you often experiment with new ingredients to create unique food and drink that your customers will love. You also follow the latest health trends to keep your business ahead of the game. So you might have already heard of this new health trend called shrubs, but maybe you’re stuck wondering how or why you should use it. We’re here to help!

What Makes The Shrub So Popular?

Our shrubs are made from all organic ingredients, including raw apple cider vinegar with the mother. Shrubs add a bold, unique flavor to any drink or dish, without the calories and sugar. Your customers will surely love this heart-healthy ingredient.

Why Should I Use Shrubs?

Implementing shrubs into your restaurant and bar is not only a great way to draw in health-conscious customers, but it’s also cost-effective. Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs have a shelf life of three years, so you can buy in bulk. Plus, shrubs don’t need to be refrigerated, so you won’t get slowed down on those busy Saturday nights. Finally, the shrub can be used not only behind the bar but in the kitchen as well.

How Can I Use Shrubs?

The shrub possibilities are endless. Chefs and bartenders can work together to pair a beverage and meal that use the same shrub flavor, complementing one another to create a dynamic dining experience.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started experimenting with shrubs:

Coconut Banana Shrimp

Shrubs make perfect marinades, like this coconut shrimp marinade. Mix equal parts Banana Turmeric Shrub and coconut milk for a grilled shrimp that will have your customers dreaming of the beach.

Coconut Banana Daquiri

Complement your grilled coconut shrimp appetizer with a tropical Banana Daquiri. This drink, with its dark rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk, and Banana Turmeric Shrub, will further draw out the shrub’s complex flavor in the shrimp.

Strawberry Lemon Salad

Strawberries give vibrancy to any salad. Mix our Strawberry Lemon Thyme Shrub with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a little bit of pepper to make a tangy salad dressing that tastes great over fresh spinach and sliced strawberries.

Strawberry Lemon Martini

Recommend your customers try the summer salad with a Strawberry Lemon Martini. Shake gin, tiki bitters and, of course, the Strawberry Lemon Thyme Shrub with ice. This strawberry martini and salad are perfect for an end-of-summer special.

Peach Jalapeño Salsa

Who says salsa should only be mild, medium, or spicy? This salsa is sweet with just a slight touch of heat, thanks to our Peach Jalapeño Shrub. Dice peaches instead of tomatoes to put a fun spin on the typical “salsa and chips” appetizer.

Peach Jalapeño Margarita

What goes best with salsa? Margaritas. Tell your customers to pair this refreshing salsa with a Peach Jalapeño Shrub margarita, served with silver tequila, orange liquor, and lime in a salt-rimmed glass.

Now that you have some ideas for shrub pairings, it’s time to get experimenting. With all its health benefits and unique flavor, the shrub will have your guests sending their compliments!

Handcrafted by Anna Scott in her own kitchen and manufactured locally in Rhode Island, Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs are made with certified organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and raw apple cider vinegar with the mother. Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs are offered in 5 unique, award-winning flavors and can be added to your cocktails, mocktails, salad dressings, marinades, sauces, or can simply act as a refreshing drinking vinegar.

Anna’s Kitchen LLC. is a privately held company operating out of Barrington, RI with widespread distribution capabilities for businesses and consumers through direct online ordering, at various grocery and liquor stores, or by partnering with purveyors.


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